Calle Venezuella, Tenerife


Dankdollz review Greenfingers Tenerife

When you walk in you’re met by the friendly and knowledgeable members of staff that are happy to share their expertise of in stock strains, exclusively for members. You can check out all the bud using the magnifying bud glasses. We love seeing them crystals on the bud ūüíö

We loved pressing our own rosin (which is available for all members of Green Fingers to use)¬† after trying out some of their flavours and getting a amazing fresh coffee ‚ėē

If you’re a coffee lover like us you‚Äôd not be disappointed there either, add a snack to your coffee if you get the munchies, or all your fave pops sweets and chocolate and toasties are available.

The associations decor is spacious yet Cosy with a big green fingers feature wall, the association has ample seating with three different rooms each with its own feel and decor

Make sure you take along your slaps along to join the slap wall!


Q&A with Greenfingers

What type of vibe / decor / music can we expect?
We want all our members in our association to feel welcome, relaxed and like they are one of our family. Think of it like your home but decorated with a bit more green.

How long have you been open?
We opened the club at the end of October 2019.

Has the cannabis scene changed since you first opened?
The cannabis scene had changed a great amount since we have been here. The quality of the weed grown on the island has increased massively, as has the demand for organic clean medicine.

What are your members favourite strains?
Our top 5 strains that we have tried on the island are:

  • Black Dawg,
  • The 420¬†alchemist Border Cake,
  • San Fernando¬†Valley Kush,
  • Mimosa,
  • Anything we grow.

What entertainment do you offer for members?
We offer a lot for all of our members including, Tutorials on growing and making extractions, a private work area, a TV and PlayStation, table games and a lot of different toys to smoke with. We also make all of our own extractions including RSO, rosin, iceolator, keif and dry sift. The only extract we steer away from is BHO as it uses a solvent.

Have you won any awards? Competitions?
We have not entered any competitions since this not a game to us.

What do you think about the cannabis movement in the UK/Europe ? The cannabis movement across the Uk and Europe is on the rise and only getting bigger as the world learns the benefits of this amazing plant. With more coffee shops opening across the UK every month I can only see the scene gaining in strength.   Do you participate in medical cannabis research/ self help? We currently have 2 members of staff that use cannabis as a source of ailment. One of them takes it to avoid fits and seizures and the other takes it for a rare heart condition. Both of these people were offered prescription drugs, but none work for them quite like cannabis does.   Future plans? We have a lot planned for the future in the cannabis industry. At the moment we are refining our skills and product range so that when legalization occurs we are fully equipped to put our products to market. Also advocating and supporting groups and organizations that are trying to push through the legalization of cannabis   Has covid effected you? The situation in the world has affected everyone in the past year. But with the commitment, attitude and drive of our team we bouncing back well and are looking forward to what 2021 and beyond that has to offer. Everybody has taken a hit this year, we just refuse to stay down.   Anything else you’d like to say to our readers SMOKE UP AND STAND UP.. Promote the use and benefits of cannabis wherever you can and continue to represent for the cannabis scene.


The club is located on Calle Venezuella above the Caxia bank, a 5 minute walk from the strip in Las Americas, Tenerife