Knightsbridge OG

Knightsbridge OG (Original Diesel x OG Kush(sfv)) was derived straight from the heart of London. KnightsBridge
OG is an extremely pungent cross of a musky Kush aroma combined with a gasoline fuel stench, which lingers
for days.
The luminous lime green buds covered with crystals ooze with a heavy-duty resin production, leaving your
fingers sticky like superglue. Her unique flavour of Diesel Fuel fused with a twist of OG Kush will give your
tongue a heightened sensation.
Knightsbridge OG grows to medium height, leaning towards the Original Diesel Mother and other
phenotypes may lean towards the OG Kush(sfv) with a shorter structure. “Expect a long-lasting knockout
high…” from the potent Knightsbridge OG