Loud In Da Reef Annual Non Stop Party

Tenerife, Spain

 Welcome to the first edition of Loud In Da Reef. Tenerife Spain is a precious gem of an island and this year we’ve decided to host the ultimate festival on the island that is famously nicknamed “THE ISLAND THAT SMOKES”.

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7 Days 6 Nights 10 Events 10 Locations

This utmost festival spans 7 days, 6 nights, includes 10 events in 10 separate locations that encompass this beautiful island. Loud In Da Reef was created and organized by two British artists who desired to bring exposure and attention to extremely talented artists from around the world and this happening will include a variety of events that will feature 25 UK and international DJ’s artists and performers.

Loud In Da Reef Party Schedule

2nd – 6th July

Tuesday July 2nd
Pool Party
Stand Up Comedy Show

Loud In Da Reef kicks off at the Ponderosa Hotel with a pool party. £25 at the door drinks included.

That same night The Stand Up Comedy Show will be presented at the Guerrilla Cafe from 10pm to 12am. Members pay £10 at the door and non members pay £35, that will include club membership fees.

Wednesday July 3rd
Sunset Party
Open Mic Night

The Sunset Party will begin at 2pm ending at 7pm and will be held at the Kaluna Beach Bar. Cost is £25.

Open Mic Night will be taking place at the Greenhouse Coffee Shop from 10pm until 12am. £10 for members £35 includes membership fees. 

Thursday July 4th
Boat Party
Canna Cinema Night

The Boat Party will begin at 4pm and end at 8pm, cost is £50 and we will announce the location is TBD.

Canna Cinema Night will take place at Teneweedfe beginning at 10pm ending at 12am, price for members £10 non members pay £35 includes membership

Friday July 5th
The All Black Party

From 10pm until 4am at the Tibu Discoteca we will be hosting the main event, The All Black Party which will begin at 10pm and end at 4am tickets costing £25.

Saturday July 6th

We will be hosting the famous Carnival and it will be taking place at a secret location. You will be receiving the location via WhatsApp message and it takes place from 6pm until 12am. Ticket price is £10 and it’s not to miss.

DJs, Artists And Performers

See who is performing live and who is hosting at Loud In Da Reef 1st – 7th July

Where It’s At

Hotel A.Pondarosa, Las Americas,
Tenerife, Spain

Now, lets be real with each other, what better place is there on this beautiful planet to host a festival than “the island that smokes”. We also are thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with the islands vast cannabis clubs to offer you, our attendees, a safe and peaceful environment to enjoy your right to partake in the smoking of the ever so mystical ganja plant.

Tickets Start From £10 For Members But There’s Only A Few Left!

Our team has put together 3 apartments that we can offer you, that will make your stay gorgeous and hassle free so that you can enjoy every minute of this experience. The price of these apartments will run you £40 per night or £250 per week per person, minimum two people. If you come alone, the price doubles so please, BUYER BEWARE.

Please contact for a £100 deposit, this must also be paid in full by May 31st 2019. Also, we are grateful to know amazingly friendly locals who offer daily excursions such as Jet Skiing, Quad Biking, The Beach Buggy, Parasailing, Paragliding, Scuba Diving, Whale Watching and finally the Sian Park Water Park.


£350 per person

Loud In Da Reef 2019 Accommodation & Promo Pack


From £10 for members or £35 for non members

Buy tickets to each of the events for Loud In Da Reef 2019


£100 per excursion

6 different excursions available: beach buggy, jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing, quad biking, scuba diving

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Festivals such as Loud In Da Reef have never been done before and Tenerife is a smokers paradise. This event is the start of something new, and something fresh. We would even go as far as to say that this is a type of revolutionary event. Fly out and come join us in making history and being a part of the first edition of Loud In Da Reef, the future of festivals.

Event Sponsors

Thanks to the sponsors of the Loud In Da Reef event for making this all possible