Indacloud Blue Hawiian Haze Delta 8 Flower 5 Grams


Do you feel like you would rather be on the beach in Hawaii? Us too. Good news is that even if you’re stuck on the couch this is probably the next best thing. Like all of our smokables, our perfected delta 8 distillate is the key to our Blue Hawaiian Haze flower. The distillate works to amplify the well known creative and sociable effects of Hawaiian Haze, a sativa CBD flower which is sure to please.
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Product Description

Delta 8 Flower

Of all the myriad ways we can consume the cannabis plant, smoking remains one of the most iconic and traditional—it’s an activity you can enjoy outdoors, indoors, alone or in the company of strangers and close friends. All the intimacy, smoothness and giddy joy that you associate with smoking hemp or cannabis increases tenfold when you smoke Indacloud’s variety of Delta 8-infused CBD flower. Bolstered with unique terpenes, our flower is sure to deliver a smooth smoking experience and great flavors. Each package contains 5 grams of CBD hemp flower infused with a selection of Terpenes and our signature Delta 8 distillate.

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