Indacloud Caviar Cones King Size Delta 8 Pre-Rolls 2 x 1.6 Gram Joints


“Damn I hate being sober, I’m a smoker.” – Chief Keef We take inspiration from wherever we can, so we created a Delta-8 Caviar Cone, and yes, it’s rolled in Kief. This phenomenal smokable cure for sobriety contains our signature CBD flower infused with premium Delta 8 and Sour Diesel terpenes, coated in CBG kief. The added kief is what gives this pre-roll an extra layer of potency, but it’s a smooth punch so you’ll be rolling high and mighty for hours.
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Product Description

Delta 8 King Size Caviar Cone

The classic of classics, a Delta 8 Caviar Cone is smoking like royalty. This is the ultimate smoking experience combining our premium CBD flower infused with premium Delta 8, terpenes, and then coated in CBG kief. We put two huge 1.6 gram Caviar Cones in each package that are ready to be lit up and smoked. The added kief is what gives this pre-roll an extra layer of something special, making it more potent and surprisingly smooth.

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