Indacloud Mimosa HHC Vape Cartridge 1 Gram


Tired of paying for overpriced brunch cocktails? The Mimosa strain tastes like our favorite part of brunch: a combination of orange and champagne and best of all it can be enjoyed without the gnarly hangover. As an energetic Sativa blend it even pairs well with any of the mundane tasks that you’ve been putting off.  
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Product Description

These HHC cartridges contain some of the most potent HHC concentrates on the market. Customers have been enjoying HHC due its similarity to a Delta 9 high, offering a great form of relaxation and happiness without the paranoia or couch-lock. HHC is often described as a more active and social version of classic Delta 9 and has become a quick preference for many. These carts come in a variety of three very unique terpene infused-flavors and contain one gram each.

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