Indacloud Sour Diesel Delta 8 Diamonds 2 Grams


Urban Dictionary refers to getting “Sauced” as getting drunk. Here at Indacloud HQ we’re putting our foot down and fighting for a cause we believe in. Getting “Sauced’ should clearly only refer to smoking our perfected Diamonds & Sauce. Experience it for yourself with our Sour Diesel Diamonds, it packs a pungent blend of fuel, skunk, citrus and spice. It’s a Sativa dominant strain that also provides the body-relaxing Indica effects you may be looking for. This product requires the use of a vaping or smoking vessel to use, it is not an edible product
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Product Description

Delta 8 Diamonds & Sauce

Diamonds & Sauce are a truly unique and beautiful creation. We take CBD and Delta 8 concentrate referred to as “diamonds” and suspend them in a terpene solution that is commonly referred to as “sauce.” The CBD is extracted and then isolated from intoxicating elements and then crystalized using heat, pressure, and time, which ultimately results in “diamond” crystals. These are the best-of-the-best Delta 8 products in terms of purity and concentration, and among the fastest and most potent ways to enjoy Delta 8. Each container has 1 gram of premium CBD and 1 gram of our signature Delta 8 combined with a selection of potent terpenes.

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