Quartz Banger โ€“ Loop Recycler


Quartz Banger โ€“ย  Loop Recycler
Full Set
Hand Made
Clear Joint
100% Quartz
10mm/14mm Male

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The Glassworks710 Quartz Banger โ€“ Loop Recycler incorporates some of the newest innovations to accompany our range of Bangers. It brings style and efficiency to the dabbing world and has a Quartz Cog to increase the surface area for concentrates to melt on, coupled with a recycler which allows concentrates to flow back in.ย  This innovative and unique design is smart and sophisticated and a must have for the avid Dabber.

All Glassworks710 bangers are made of 100% high quality Quartz glass and are built to handle extreme temperature conditions. The banger is available in 14mm Male and 10mm Male clear joints to ensure a perfect air-tight fit.


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