Quartz Banger โ€“ Splash Guard Full Weld


Quartz Banger โ€“ Splash Guard Full Weld
3mm Thick Walls
25mm OD
Frosted Joint
100% Quartz
10mm/14mm Male

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The Glassworks710 Quartz Banger โ€“ Splash Guard Full Weld is one of the newest additions to our range of Bangers. It brings style and efficiency to the dabbing world and has two sections. The Top section connects to the joint with a flawless full weld and the bottom section is perfectly designed for concentrates and compatible inserts/pearls. This innovative and unique design is smart and sophisticated and a must have for the avid Dabber.

All Glassworks710 bangers are made of 100% high quality Quartz glass and are built to handle extreme temperature conditions. The banger has a 25mm diameter, 3mm thick walls and a 3mm bottom for maximum heat retention. Available in 14mm Male and 10mm Male frosted joints to ensure a perfect air-tight fit.


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