UK Cheese

Strain review

UK Cheese is a popular strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty smell. The flavor is also unique with undertones of berry and spicy cheese. This strain is thought to be a specific phenotype of Skunk #1 that was originally cultivated in the early 1990s by a UK collective group known as “Exodus”; as a result, this strain is also known as Exodus Cheese. UK Cheese became popular for its energetic, euphoric head effects combined with an impressive pain relief potential, making it spread quickly beyond the borders of its British home. Most consumers experience alert effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation, but it may hasten bedtime for some. Effects also tend to be felt in the head first, then spread throughout the body, creating muscle relaxation and some tinglyness. UK Cheese’s flowers are dense and light green with a coat of orange hairs.


Another hard hitter old but still here and if you are lucky enough in the UK to get a good bit cheese you’ll be lucky as it literally is a dying breed as the (Cali strains) hit the UK it’s slowly being put underground.