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Welcome to DankDollz where we keep you informed of the latest cannabis news from around the world.



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Our mission is to bring a balanced view on both THC and CBD based cannabis communities as well as extending on to others both subjective and informative content. We also want to allow for a composed fact based knowledge transfer whilst allowing for promotion of key products and services to be shared throughout the UK.

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What It’s All About

Regular updates relating to law, legislation and the movement on the global attitude towards the THC and CBD cannabis culture. Educating, sharing and forming a balanced view on the cannabis community and culture.

Our aim is to produce a fun and factual based knowledge transfer for everyone who would like to learn more about the cannabis community.

Latest From DankDollz TV

Watch all the latest interviews with sports stars and celebrities as we ask them their views on cannabis and its health benefits. Don’t miss the latest video reviews of the DankDollz visiting the finest Cannabis Social Clubs that the UK, Spain and Ibiza have to offer.

The Latest In Cannabis News


Our articles are written by researchers, industry experts and guest writers that feel passionate about the material that they bring to us to publish for you.

This magazine will also include photos, interviews and stories given to you directly from “the horses mouth”.

Send Us Your Cannabis Stories For Publishing


If you’re a Cannabis user and have an interesting or funny related story about an experience that you’ve had whilst using cannabis, send it to us and we’ll publish it for you.


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