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Clubs name – The Bulldog

1. Location?

The Bulldog Amsterdam started with one location in the Red Light Area. Over the last 44 years, we have opened clubs and restaurants all over the world. The current list includes 8 Amsterdam locations counting a number of coffee shops, a hotel, 2 bars and a restaurant. We have a restaurant in a prime Rome location and a ski resort in Sliver Star Canada. We have members clubs in Ibiza and Barcelona. In fact, we are about to celebrate the 1st Year anniversary of Barcelona at this years Spannabis expo.

2. The theme of the club?

The theme of The Bulldog has always been to provide the feeling you are in a living room and feel at home in a social environment.

3. How long have you been open?

This is our 45th year . Our birthday is 17/12

4. Has the cannabis scene in Amsterdam changed since you first opened?

When The Bulldog first opened, coffeeshops didnโ€™t exist, so yes, the cannabis scene has changed a lot over the years.

5. What are your customers favourite s trains? (Top 5)

It is hard to say as customers like variety and our menu changes. But to give you an answer, the lemon haze is always popular.

6. Have you won any awards/ competitions?

Over the years we/our founder Mr Henk De Vries have won numerous aw ards but most recently we won best coffeeshop brand at The Zamnesia coffeeshop awards.

7. If yes what for?

Best coffeeshop brand in Amsterdam

8. What do you think about the cannabis movement in the UK /Europe

The Bulldog supports the legalisation of cannabis and encourages the positive activities that are taking place within the cannabis community

9. Has cannabis or an extract of the cannabis plant helped you personally or someone you know?

We hear many stories about the positive effects of using c annabis oil and hope we see legalization in the coming years. 10. Future plans? We are planning a big celebration for our 45th anniversary and you can expect some surprises in the build – up to it.

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